Lotus stick with 'double-DRS' device on E21

Tuesday 29th January 2013, 03:38 by TF1T Staff 

Lotus will run its experimental double-DRS device this season after trialling it during the final stages of last season during practice.

The outfit failed to perfect the system and therefore never ran it during a race weekend.

The 'device' shares more in common with the F-duct from 2010, as at high speeds it passively switches the direction of airflow over the rear-wing to stall it at high-speeds, creating less drag.

Lotus technical director James Allison expects gains from the system, but says it isn't a magical 'silver bullet'.

"This is an area we continue to work on and the passive nature of the switching of our device means it is not outlawed by the latest regulations," he said at the launch of the E21 on Monday.

"It is not something which will be a silver bullet to transform our car, but it is something which could add performance as part of the overall design."



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