Fry expects rivals to copy pull-rod suspension

Sunday 20th January 2013, 10:02 by TF1T Staff 

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Ferrari's technical director Pat Fry says he wouldn't be surprised if some of the Italian's rivals turned up at pre-season testing with a copy of their pull-rod suspension.

Ferrari debuted the system last season and somewhat surprised the paddock. Whilst pull-rod suspension is common at the rear of the car, it hasn't been used at the front for over ten years.

Fry is adamant it provides an aero benefit and wasn't part of the reason why they struggled, which is why the team has evolved their design for 2013.

"It was certainly not our problem," he told Auto und Motor Sport. "You get get a little aerodynamic advantage from it. We solved the structural problems well.

"When we talked about it for the first time, the first reaction was 'This is crazy'. But if you weigh up all the pros and cons, it's not so stupid," he added.

The ex-McLaren designer believes some rivals may copy the design.

"We will build on it, but it will look different," he explained. "I would not be surprised if some others follow suit."



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