Montezemolo wants Ecclestone retirement

20 December 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has once again hinted that he wishes for Bernie Ecclestone to consider retiring from Formula 1.

The Italian had some stong words for the 82-year-old during a media conference on Thursday, in which he likened Ecclestone to a 'mafia boss' who needs to stop nosing around in others business.

"Every so often, Bernie likes to play the boss and gets involved in matters that don’t concern him: godfathers no longer exist, at least not in F1," said Montezemolo in relation to the Brazilian flag controversy which Ecclestone labelled "a joke."

"He would do better to think about attracting bigger crowds and more youngsters, and to discuss more with the television stations and the media."

The 65-year-old says it would be unfair on Ecclestone if he were forced out, but suggested the sports owner, CVC Capital Partners, look at a different management strategy which doesn't give one man so much control.

"We are approaching a time when we need to think about the future, because all eras must inevitably come to an end," he continued. "It's not a case of replacing Bernie and in fact I do not like doing to others what I would not want to happen to myself. It's a question that needs to be tackled with the current owners of this sport, CVC.

"The era of the one man show cannot continue: the future should be in the hands of a team that will look after all the different areas."

Montezemolo conceded that Ecclestone had done "significant" things for the sport, but says it must come to an end sooner or later and he would personally have considered retirement sooner.

"We are slowly approaching the end of a period characterised by the style of one man who has done significant things. It's a bit of a similar case to what will happen to me: within the decade I will face this question, but when I am 75 not 82..."



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