Vettel: 'My success not down to just the car'

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images
22 November 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Sebastian Vettel has denied his success is down to having the strongest car on the grid.

The German has two titles to his name and looks likely to add a third this weekend, but insists the success is a combination of a strong, but not necessarily dominant car and a strong driver.

"I think if you look back I don't know how far, as far as I can look back, there were never people really, really successful in a really bad car," explained the German.

"It is a natural thing to happen: one day you have a strong driver in a strong team so you end up with a strong combination and that is difficult to beat."

The 25-year-old says he has proved his worth and talent during his time at Toro Rosso when he won the Italian Grand Prix despite driving a midfield car.

"It's natural to be in a weaker car. We have all been in that situation. Michael [Schumacher] started in a Jordan, which was not competitive, but had some highlights, Fernando started in a Minardi and set some highlights.

"I started at BMW replacing Robert [Kubica] for one race, which was a great chance, and then afterwards got the seat in Toro Rosso, which at the time was not a competitive car, but we did a good job and even won a race.

"We had a great season, the step up to Red Bull Racing was great fun and a fantastic season - the first time to be competitive, finish on the podium and win races. It was a fairly normal way I went."



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