Hamilton and Vettel forced to modify helmets

Sunday 18th November 2012, 10:42 by Ryan Wood 

( Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have been forced to modify their helmets in Austin for two very different reasons.

The McLaren driver showed off his new helmet during practice on Friday, but come Saturday it featured a large piece of gaffer-tape on the rear, covering the large capital letters 'H.A.M'.

Whilst most would have believed it to represent his FOM screen-name as is shown on the timing screens, it actually means something quite different.

The team and Hamilton agreed to cover the lettering up for qualifying and the race.

Meanwhile Vettel was forced to cover his helmet with a strip of gaffer-tape because it displayed an advertising slogan within an 'advert free zone' as specified by Bernie Ecclestone.

On the very top of his wooden-themed helmet, the Red Bull slogan 'Gives You Wings' was written, but has now been covered up with some wood-effect tape.



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