Button expects first corner carnage in Austin

Thursday 15th November 2012, 21:41 by Ryan Wood 

Octane Photographic

Jenson Button says he expects to see some first corner carnage on Sunday in Austin as 24 cars fly up the steep incline to turn one.

The first corner on the new circuit is a blind left-hander which leads the McLaren driver to believe a few cars may miss their braking point on the first lap.

When asked if he expected some chaos, he replied: "I think so, you're going to want to qualify well here because people are going to be trying unusual things into turn one.

"The trouble is that we will all get there and we won't have a clue where the apex is because the only car that will know, will be the car on the inside [in the lead] because he's the only one who will be able to see it.

"The rest of us will be in no-man's land so a good start is important.

"When you brake two metres later up the hill, it's like braking one metre later on a flat surface so there are going to be a lot of people playing around with braking and not many are going to get it right into turn one at the start."

Whilst the lead driver may have the best vantage point, Button doesn't necessarily believe that the pole man will hold onto the lead heading to the first corner.

"I think P2 is actually probably better than P1," he added. "It has a little more of a flat run up the hill, whereas P1 is straight into the hill."



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