Webber brands Grosjean a 'first-lap nutcase'

Lotus F1 Team, LAT Photographic
7 October 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Mark Webber had some strong words to say after the Japanese Grand Prix following a lap one collision which saw him drop from third to the back of the grid.

The Red Bull driver was forced into a spin when Romain Grosjean made contact at turn two. The Frenchman was seemingly unaware of Webber's presence ahead.

When asked about the incident, Webber branded Grosjean a "first-lap nutcase."

He added: "Maybe he needs another holiday [ban]. He needs to have another look at himself."

The Australian went on to finish ninth despite the incident and was happy to salavage some points from the situation.

"To finish eight seconds behind fifth place considering I was reversing away from the fence, and the safety car was in before I got back on to the back of the group. We ticked all of the worst boxes again and maybe I need to have a few whiskeys and get some luck that way."

Team principal Christian Horner suggested Lotus should have a word with the 26-year-old following his seven accidents this year.

"I think the most concerning thing is when it is repeat incidents," he said. "If you make mistakes that's fine, but the key thing is to learn from them.

"He's hosing away points for his team, they are fighting in the constructors' championship and I would be surprised if they were too impressed by that. Seven incidents this year is more than enough, Mark was a victim of the action today and that cost him at least a podium."



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