Lotus opt against running DDRS in Japan

Lotus F1 Team, LAT Photographic
5 October 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Lotus will once again remove the double-DRS system from their cars this weekend after running it during practice, but deciding against it for qualifying and the race.

The Japanese Grand Prix will mark the sixth race in a row in which Lotus have opted against using 'the device', despite having tested it on several occasions.

Raikkonen, who ran the straight-line speed boosting system on his car during FP1 and FP2, confirmed it would be removed for the remainder of the weekend.

"It worked a little bit but we are not going to run it," said the Finn. "Plus we had some other issues during the running so it didn't help again to get the best idea. But it is not going to suddenly make us win if it worked 100 per cent."

He added that it was making the car harder to set-up.

"It seems to be," he said. "I think you have to ask the team, but it started well the first time we tried it, and with all the things that were going on it hasn't been as easy as we had hoped, but we are learning with it."

Mercedes also tested their version of the system, but it's believed this won't be used on Saturday or Sunday either.



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