Ecclestone withdraws New Jersey GP contract

Tuesday 25th September 2012, 17:53 by Ryan Wood 

Red Bull Racing

Serious doubts have been cast over whether or not the New Jersey Grand Prix will go ahead in 2013, after Bernie Ecclestone confirmed the race no longer has a contract.

The event, which is scheduled to join the calendar next season, is currently under construction and well advanced with pit buildings having been errected over the summer.

Ecclestone though says the organisers "have not complied with the terms and conditions of the contract which is now gone anyway.

"They don't have a contract," confirmed the 81-year-old.

A WMSC meeting is scheduled to take place on September 28th to finalise the 2013 calendar following the pre-release of a draft copy at the weekend in which New Jersey was marked as 'subject to confirmation'.

If a deal for a new contract isn't struck in the coming days, the event cannot be added to the calendar once it's been ratified.

"We are pretty close to the final deadline," added Ecclestone. "We have got a world council meeting coming up. I think if somebody got behind them it could happen in 2013 because they have come a long way with the circuit."

A similar fate fell upon the Austin GP last year, but a late deal meant it was confirmed on this years calendar and is set to go ahead on November 18th.



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