Engines could decide form in 2014 - Newey

Monday 20th August 2012, 15:09 by Ryan Wood 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Red Bull technical guru Adrian Newey is concerned that engines will play too much of a role in 2014, possibly becoming the determining factor in which teams do well.

Formula 1 will switch to V6 turbo engines in 2014 in a bid to remain competitive in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

Whilst the current engine freeze ensures no one engine manufacturer has a major advantage over another, the new formula will be hard to govern in its introductory year, which Newey says could decide championships.

"In 2014, you will have the variation in engine performance," he told Autosport. "That means the engine power unit itself, which is not only the internal combustion engine but also the various recovery systems bolted to it.

"It is possible that one manufacturer will do significantly better than the others, at which point you might end up with that manufacturer's cars at the front of the grid.

"You could end up with an engine manufacturers' championship," he concluded.



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