Quiz: Prove your F1 knowledge with our quiz

Sunday 12th August 2012, 16:35 by TF1T Staff 

We're two weeks into the five week summer break, and the effects of no Formula 1 is beginning to drive us a little crazy at The F1 Times.

We've had the Olympics to keep us entertained, but they're now over. So the next three weeks will be even harder.

In an attempt to keep you all from going F1-deprived-crazy like us, we'll be posting a new quiz every Sunday until the Belgian Grand Prix to give you an F1 fix, albeit a small one.

Here's our first quiz. It's a fairly easy one based on the 2012 season to ease you in. Just click the link below to begin and share your scores on Twitter and Facebook so we can see how you did. No cheating though!



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