HRT have 'only extracted 50% of cars potential'

HRT F1 Team
9 August 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

HRT are adamant there is much more to come from their F112 in the second half of the season, with team principal Luis Pérez-Sala insisting they've only extracted 50 per cent of its potential.

The team have made progress since the start of the season when they failed to qualify for the Australian Grand Prix, but have since been well inside the 107 per cent rule, which Pérez-Sala says is the teams current aim.

"The objective [for 2012] is to stay between 104 and 105% [of the lead pace] and have the project for 2013 prepared," he said in a Q&A. "If we achieve all of this I'd be satisfied."

The Spanish team will introduce its largest upgrade in the coming races, something it hasn't been able to do whilst relocating bases earlier this season.

The 53-year-old is hoping the developments will enable the team to extract at least some of the hidden potential.

"It [the F112] has a good base and that's its biggest strength" he added. "It's a reliable car with good mechanical resistance and it offers a lot of possibilities for its development. I'd say we're at 50 per cent of its potential and we can still extract another 50 per cent, mainly in aerodynamics.

"To achieve this I hope that the aero package that we will introduce after the summer will help us to take the next step."



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