Haug sees only three engine suppliers in 2014

Thursday 02nd August 2012, 19:06 by Ryan Wood 

Mercedes AMG F1 Team

Mercedes motorsport boss Nobert Haug predicts there will be just three engine suppliers in 2014 when the new engine forumla is introduced.

Though Haug failed to state exactly which suppliers he believes will remain and which will leave, it's likely that he's talking about Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, which would see the loss of Cosworth and the start-up PURE led by Craig Pollock.

Renault engines: Red Bull, Lotus, Williams & Caterham / Mercedes engines: Mercedes, McLaren & Force India / Ferrari engines: Ferrari, Sauber, Toro Rosso / Cosworth engines: Marussia & HRT

"I assume and think, and I am pretty sure, that we will have three and no more than three [suppliers]," he said. "But with three I think we can get the job done."

With Renault currently supplying four teams and Ferrari and Mercedes with three apiece, it would likely mean the latter two would have to increase their customer base, something Haug says is under discussion.

"We need to evaluate the situation," he added. "We are in discussions with the three manufacturers together - still on cost issues and bringing the costs down. And this will also be the object, who will supply whom."


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