PURE halts 2014 engine development

28 July 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

PURE, a company set up by Craig Pollock to supply new 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines from 2014, has suspended operations after running in to financial difficulties.

The company had hoped to join Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari and Cosworth as an engine supplier when the new engine regulations come in to force in two years.

Pollock is hopeful that the funding issue will be resolved soon, but PURE technical director Gilles Simon admitted in an email to its suppliers that an exact date isn't yet known as to when development will resume.

"I would like to warn my colleagues working in Cologne that we are obliged to suspend our activities from August 1," said Simon.

"In effect, the funds that we were expecting from our investors are not available and that will not allow us to begin this project on the correct footing.

"We hope that this situation will be resolved quickly but I have no idea when that might be possible or when we might be able to get the project up and running again. I apologise for this situation which is out of our control."



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