Red Bulls may be forced to start from pit-laneafter infringing technical regulations

Red Bull, Getty Images
22 July 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Red Bull's grid positions may be under threat after the FIA's technical delegate Jo Bauer found both cars to be outside of the regulations regarding engine mapping.

A statement released by the governing body confirms the matter has been referred to the stewards for consideration.

If found guilty, it's likely both cars will be forced to start from the pit-lane as changes will have to be made to the engine settings which would fall foul of parc ferme conditions.

"Having examinded the engine torque map of cars 1 (Sebastian Vettel) and 2 (Mark Webber) it became apparent that the maximum torque output of both engines is significantly less in the mid rpm range than previously seen for these engines at other events.

In simple terms, Red Bull are using an illegal engine map setting to increase torque at the mid-range to increase the amount of exhaust gas at low speed. This exhaust gas is then passing through the diffuser, which results in off-throttle blowing, a practice which was clamped down on season.

"In my opinion this is therefore in breach of Article 5.5.3 of the Technical regulations as the engines are able to deliver more torque at a given engine speed in the mid rpm range.

"Furthermore this new torque map will artificially alter the aerodynamic characteristics of both cars which is also in contravention of TD 036-11."

Article 5.5.3, in which the above refers to, states: "The maximum accelerator pedal travel position must correspond to an engine torque demand equal to or greater than the maximum engine torque at the measured engine speed.

"The minimum accelerator pedal travel position must correspond to an engine torque demand equal to or lower than 0Nm."

Vettel qualified second with Mark Webber in third, however a grid penalty pushed the Australian back to eighth.



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