Britain - Pirelli Sunday quotes

Sunday 08th July 2012, 16:29 by TF1T Staff 

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery: "After a wet weekend so far, it was great to see the sun shining for the start of the British Grand Prix and a fully dry race. But this presented its own challenges for the teams, as they had very little information on which to base their strategies. With no rubber having been laid down on the track during Friday and Saturday, the track also evolved notably during the race. Everyone had their own thinking on the best way forward, which was reflected in the huge variety of start tyre choices, with most drivers having an ample selection of unused slicks at their disposal. Mark Webber and Red Bull chose tactics that paid off brilliantly. Like everybody else, we’ve been hugely impressed by the dedication and commitment of the fans this weekend, who have endured some extremely arduous circumstances, but were finally rewarded with another great race."



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