'Total agreement' on new Concorde Agreementsays Ecclestone

Saturday 07th July 2012, 11:40 by Ryan Wood 

Bernie Ecclestone ()

Bernie Ecclestone has affirmed that all 12 teams have declared themselves satisifed with the new Concorde Agreement.

The document requires agreement from all the teams, the FIA and FOM before it can be put into action. If Ecclestone's comments prove to be true, it means Mercedes have agreed to the document after originally challenging it.

"Total agreement," Ecclestone told the Daily Mail. "We are just talking to the lawyers – 'why have you used this word, that word'. Typical lawyers but everything's fine. Commercially it's done."

The 81-year-old also suggested that certain powers be taken away from the FIA, including the writing of the technical regulations which he believes should be done by the 'bigger' teams.

"Now what we've got to do is look at how the technical regulations are made. It should be the teams, though not all the teams, who do that," he added.

"They are the people who have to come up with the money, not the FIA. It would be the established teams who are here to stay - Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes and probably Williams as old timers - deciding what to do."



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