Renault to modify alternator after failures

Thursday 28th June 2012, 17:49 by Ryan Wood 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Renault is currently evaluating what changes it will make to its alternators ahead of the British Grand Prix to avoid a repeat of what happened in Valencia.

The engine supplier blamed both Sebastian Vettel's and Romain Grosjean's non-finishes on overheated alternators which are manufactured by the French company.

With the actual cause of why they overheated in the first place still unknown, Renault is undecided on exactly what changes will be made for the next race, but Renault Sport F1 deputy managing director Rob White explained several possibilities.

"We are looking at several solutions," he said. "The first is to use another batch of alternators for Silverstone across all our clients, or a slightly modified design.

"We are also looking at returning to an older specification of alternator from 2011. Then we are working across all our partner teams to potentially introduce some mechanical and cooling solutions, or changing a few settings on acceleration maps so the running is less severe.

"All of these will be in evaluated between now and Silverstone, plus we will also look at everything after Friday running and see what additional measures we may need to take."

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