FIA sets deadline to implement cost-controls

The F1 Times
15 June 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

The FIA has confirmed it is actively seeking to implement cost-control measures for the 2013 season in a bid to see all 12 teams competing on a more level field.

The governing body met on Friday morning at the World Motor Sport Council in Paris to discuss the measures and confirmed in a statement that any regulation changes to control costs would be confirmed before June 30th following consultation with the teams.

"At their request, the FIA is having active discussions with teams regarding cost control and any amendments to the technical regulations resulting from a further limit on expenditure on the chassis will be submitted to the WMSC via a fax vote before 30 June," it read. 

"The intention is to help all teams participate in the championship in a fair and equal manner."

The deadline for cost measures comes on the same day when the technical and sporting regulations must be finalised for the 2013 season.

The FIA has also delayed the deadline in which teams must confirm their participation in the championship for the following year because of the current uncertainty over costs and the Concorde Agreement.

"Constructive Concorde Agreement discussions are on-going between the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder, with the intention of finalising an agreement in the coming weeks," it added. "It was also decided that the deadline for the closing of entries be deferred to 30 September."

If a decision cannot be made before June 30th, then the FIA must seek agreement from all 12 teams before changes can be made - which is unlikely given Red Bull and Toro Rosso's opposition to cost control measures enforced by the FIA.



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