Button laments being stuck behind Heikki

Caterham F1 Team
27 May 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Jenson Button leaves Monaco frustrated after being stuck behind Heikki Kovalainen's Caterham for the entirety of the grand prix.

The McLaren driver had to avoid the chaos at the start of the race after Romain Grosjean span at turn one, dropping him down the order to 14th, behind the Finn.

Despite staying out longer, Button couldn't jump the 'slow' Kovalainen during the pit stop phase.

"Heikki was so slow, but he's very good at placing his car, and if you place your car in the right place, you can't overtake," said Button.

"I think he was looking in his mirrors more than looking forward, but that's his choice and it makes my life very difficult."

Kovalainen was seen cutting the chicane on a few occassions to maintain track position, which left Button frustrated.

"It is [frustrating] when he doesn't get a penalty for it and it just slows us all down.

"When I did get down the outside of him at the chicane he just kept moving across and it was like 'OK, I'm up against the wall now and we're touching wheels...'

"There has to be a balance when you're fighting for 12th place and I don't think he had it right, but there you go, that's racing."

Button retired on lap 70 after making contact with Kovalainen, whi finished 13th.



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