Prost concerned F1 too unpredictable in '12

Saturday 26th May 2012, 01:01 by Ryan Wood 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Four-time Formula 1 world champion Alain Prost believes the 2012 season has made the sport too unpredictable, following five winners from five teams in five races.

Speaking at the launch of the Renault Alpina concept car in Monaco on Friday, the Frenchman expressed concern that too many winners were making things a little random.

"If I talk for myself I would say yes it is maybe a little bit too unpredictable," admitted the 57-year-old.

"You know F1, and you know you would like to understand a bit more about what is happening, but F1 has changed, and the public watching F1 has changed also at the same time."

Whilst he is against the unpredictability, he admits it's good for the fans who have had to witness many years of dominance from one driver over the past decade.

"You cannot compare to what we had 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Now the public are quite pleased to see that it is not all the time the same driver or same car [winning]. That is the worst thing for F1 today – if one car or one driver is dominating too much.

"I think about the engineers in the teams, it must be a nightmare, so it may be a little bit too much. But at least we have the show, we have the indecision and people are watching more and more F1, which is good."

With just 20 points, less than a race win, covering the top seven drivers in the championship, predicting a winner is difficult, but Prost believes Jenson Button has what it takes.

"At the beginning of the season, before the first race, I thought it would be a championship for Jenson Button. But today I don't know," he added. "Let's say again Jenson because he could be the more consistent driver during the year, but I am not sure."


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