Haug disagrees with Schumacher's criticism

Mercedes AMG F1 Team
25 April 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug disagrees with comments made by Michael Schumacher in regards to the Pirelli tyres.

Schumacher criticised Pirelli following the Bahrain Grand Prix after he finished tenth having started 22nd, but had expected much more had it not been for the high tyre wear. He likened the tyres to 'cruising around behind a safety car.'

"The main thing I feel unhappy about is that everyone has to drive well below a driver's, and in particular, the cars limit to maintain the tyres," said the German.

"I just question whether the tyres should play such a big importance, or whether they should last a bit longer - and that you can drive at normal racing car speed and not cruise around like we have a safety car."

Haug however disagrees and believes Pirelli have contributed to making Formula 1 a 'great product.'

"The tires are a challenge for everyone," he told the German media. "Who can best deal with them. It is the same for everyone, and that's important.

"Overall, what we have created in Formula 1 is a very good product, there have been are very good races, we have had different winners and six different teams on the podium. It's a great competition and we are pleased that we are already among the winners."

However, he does understand the drivers frustrations: "I can understand the driver's viewpoint. There is a certain frustration when you think you could go faster, but you are always having to economise - this is not necessarily the nature of a racer."



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