Changes made to improve Monaco safety

19 April 2012 by Ryan Wood | M

Several changes will or have been made to the Monaco Grand Prix street circuit which runs around the tight streets of Monte Carlo, in a bid to improve safety.

The changes will be in place for this year's race and feature a wider and straighter pit exit which will allow cars to exit the pits at higher speeds thanks to the removal of a row trees.

Improvements to the chicane between turns nine and 11 have also been made in light of Sergio Perez's accident last season. The surface, which is thought to have been a major contributor in his accident, has been re-surfaced and levelled following a laser study which found drops, rises and bumps as big as 20cm.

The TecPro barriers which Perez hit have been moved 14.6 metres further back, giving additional run-off area for cars to slow down in the event of an accident as they exit the famous tunnel.

High-grip surfaces will also be applied to several run-off areas, whilst some tyre walls at St Devote and the Swimming Pool section will be replaced with TecPro barriers.



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