Teams unhappy with proposed December finish

23 May 2011  | M

The teams look likely to protest any delay to the Formula 1 calendar in a bid to reschedule the Bahrain GP, which was postponed earlier this year.

As reported by The F1 Times last week, the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone have looked at the possibility of moving the Indian GP to December 4th, freeing up a slot for Bahrain to return.

This would not only give the organisers of the Buddh International Circuit extra time to complete their facility, but it would lessen the impact on shoehorning a race in, as the logistical impact of having Bahrain and Abu Dhabi back-to-back would be minimal.

Mercedes team principal, Ross Brawn, has warned that such a schedule would have a huge impact on his employees who have been working tirelessly since January.

"I think as a team principal who works and has to look after the group of people we have, you have to remember they have been going since the end of January," he explained.

"We don't have testing any more so these guys have been very, very busy since the end of January, and I think to take them through to December and then get them going again at the end of January, we won't sustain it. 

"So, to tell them to carry on through to December and then they can have a few weeks off over Christmas and it starts again is not going to be sustainable."

Renault team principal Eric Boullier expressed the same concern, adding that it would have an effect on their 2012 development program.

"We must think of our mechanics who also need some free time," he said.

"But I am more concerned as a result due to the fact that we have less and less time over the winter to work on the news cars. Our development plan would be ruined."



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